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I got here an answer to my previous question. Congratulate for finding a new job. How could it be otherewise with such a CV ?

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I know I will get something soon.

Thanks for the inspiration, Joshua.

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You have a solid track record in promoting business growth. You have the potential to be one of the greats as a business consultant.

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Congratulations on your new job.This is my second visit to this blog. We are starting a brand new initiative in the same niche as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a admirable job..

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Congratulations on your new job!!Real success comes in small portions day by day. You need to take pleasure in life's daily little treasures. It is the most important thing in measuring success.

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Well done Jerry

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Congrats on the new job and being able to reunite the family.


Congrats Joshua. I have also been out of job for 8 months and your perseverance inspires me in my job search. I know I will get something soon.

Thanks for the inspiration, Joshua.


Congrats Joshua on your new job..
I read about you from a Taiwan's magazine.

Your credentials are great.
Even more inspiring is your perseverance..

I think your experience in valuation will be in great demand in evaluating toxic assets now in US.

Well done.

Laurie Liu

Hi Josh,
This might be a little twist, I heard your name and Elliot's name from a valuation recruiter whom I have maintained contact with. She talked to me about this group at Wiser. During the process, she asked me for further work (writing and models) to send in for further consideration. Because of the work products that I have are mainly interim and the they contain client information, I could not send more than one of the reports that I'd pdf'ed. The process then stopped. Can I give you a call about your experience so far and ask how I would be able to resume the process?
The best number to reach me is (917)518-3282. Pls let me know when is the best time to call you.
Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.


Sai Sandeep Kaku

Dear Joshua,

I've learnt that you now have a job. It is people like you that young people like us look upto and you have shown the spirit of mankind.


Goodluck and good times be with you.

Sai Sandeep Kaku
Los Angeles


Congratulations on your new job. I saw your CNN interview with your boss on CNN in Korea this morning. You are an inspiration, giving us courage to take charge of our situation and not being afraid of what others may think.
Thank you for showing us what courage is and what creativity is.


Hello Josh!Just wanted to Congratulate to your new carrer.I SALUTE YOU!All your hardworks paid off.Good luck to you & the whole family.

Happy Holidays!!!


Erica Weiser

Congratulations on what must have been a long but very interesting journey! You are an inspiration to everyone. It may have taken a while, but you did it. Soon your whole family will be together. Definitely, write a book!!!! A year walking around NYC streets with a sandwich board-That absolutely calls for a bestselling book deal!!! Perhaps, even a movie. Tom Hanks as you? I think so. Enjoy your holiday season.

Zoe Brainard

Congratulations on your new job! Your story is truly inspiring. Full of hope, faith and joy! May God bless you and your family during this most blessed time on earth: The birth of His Son "Jesus"! He is truly the Reason for the Season."

J Wagabaza

Congratulations Josh, Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year.

Zen Master

Congrats on the new job and being able to reunite the family. One tip, if I may, given Citibank's own risk and credit issues, its probably not advisable to advertise that you attended their Advanced Risk & Credit Mgmt progam!

Heriberto Rivera

Congratulations! It is always great to spend this season with your loves ones! Best wishes and success in you new job!

Gabriela G. Leyva

Your credentials are impressive! Anyone would be lucky to get you! I'm glad it all worked out and that there is hope for everyone out there is is hardworking, educated, creative, driven, talented and about a talk show next?


Congratulations on your new job! Love a happy ending. Your efforts and persistence paid off! Happy holidays to you and your family!


congratulations on your new job, Joshua. It's a well deserved one!

God bless.


Congrats Josh !

I glad to hear you found a job.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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