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July 27, 2008


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Forfait mobile

Dear Josh
Thanks for your email.
And Good luck to you....

Barry Levent

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hi, Josh,

you are my hero, good luck, way to go!!!

Douglass DePasquale

Hello Josh,
Today you popped up on Yahoo news and
The New York Post.
Way to go!!!
You are an inspiration to people in today's times.
I wrote to you back in July.
Your persistance paid off
I am very Happy for you and your family.

One question, How many leads did it take to obtain this opportunity?

Have a nice Holiday season!



Thank you for your mail.

good luck.

Bob Kuba

Congratulations.. a photo of your back made this week's Business Week .. page 3.

hee ok

Dear Josh
Thanks for your email.
And Good luck to you....

sandeep deb

why not try to get a marketing or advertising job with the firm First Solar. John Carrington can help you. Go to their website and see if they can help.

its a good cause for the world and u will be excited for a new type of energy !

Russell Rothstein

Dear Josh-

I admire your courage and perservence. I'll send your email to a few of my contacts. Good luck in your quest for your true calling in life (at least one that pays the bills).

Let's get together next time you visit DC.


TaeHun Kim

Hi~ Josh.
Congratulation that you were open this blog. I was abit nervous and wonder when I've got a email from you bcoz I didn't expect replay from you.

I told my friend about this blog and you.
Then I want to keep in touch with you as your expect.

Lately, I begun to new class of accounting for my future.

Anyhow thank you for your replay and congratulation open this blog.

I hope so see you again.

Best regards.

P.S. I hope so that everything's going to be fine for you and your family.


Wishing you the best! Thanks for the blog to keep us informed!

Craig Mooneyham

My continued wishes for your success. I'll spread the word about your plight, and your website.

Teri Gresh


Good luck to you in your job search. Even though I'm still employed, my earnings have plummeted since I relied on commissions for a good part of my income. I'm an insurance producer for a title insurance company, and the housing market crisis has killed our business. I'm looking to get out, but it's hard for me to change my career since I've done this for the past 30 years and I'm 52 years old. It's true you don't put your age on your resume, but with my years of experience, potential employers can do the math and figure it out.

I've run this small company for all these years, so I have excellent organization skills. But in this economy, no one is willing to take a chance on anyone. So, I'm trying to hang on and make do.

Hopefully, things will turn around for all of us soon.

richard shyduroff

good morning josh - and mazeltov! this service blog for acquiring the short stories and advisories of people who have solved their employment or re-employment challenges who are willing to share.
your ongoing street action shows you are truly not so risk-averse, so i remind you again to consider becoming involved with some (select) science and or technology start-up/s, say, out of the mit e-club.
you might commence with simple advising and networking on-behalf-of students and young alums to help them build and selectively share their own rolodexes - the net output of which will lead you into ever broader and deeper connections in directions you may not previously thought much about ... and, well - who knows who and what you shall find along the way, eh? like the way this blog may work for you.
other thoughts later - hastily, but sincerely,
- r, for the mit e-club

vince lodato

hello josh,

please call me at 845 532 9796.....thanks vince

Douglass DePasquale

I was inspired by your tenacity. Being in sales, my life is about perseverance and determination.
In fact a dream of mine was to live in Europe.
I met a great girl on and we recently did just that.

My career in sales has been rewarding because it is all about relationships and taking care of people.
I do not know if you have explored sales as a career, and what you did to get your name out there was awesome! I would not be surprised if Donald Trump calls you. Keep the faith Sales would be a great thing!
Good Luck


Jibreel Riley

Thats the State of New York for yah... Myself I have to stick it out in Buffalo with the tools I have in front of me. Too bad this state is not the one to start a small business (unless its in a empire zone). Irony the City has been growing but who is moving there is the question? It might be time to set sail for greener pastures ells ware in America. Good luck.

Mari Beth Bogus

Josh,thanks for contacting me and alerting me to your blog. I wanted you to know that after two years of trying, I finally got a job. I was hired as an employee Safety Consultant/Inspector for the city. I was fortunate that I had the savings to fall back on for the last two years while I was searching. There are so many people that don't. I just want to let all of them and you know not to give up. As hard as it gets, keep thinking positive. If anyone wants to learn more about the steps I took to get through the last two years without a job, I'll help anyone I can. Just send me a line and I'll share the info.
Josh, you are an inspiration to me and a lot of people. Thank you. MB


What a story
and now the blog... Nothing is real without one.
Post links to the articles.

If you think that interviewing and job hunting takes a lot of time just wait until you get into blogging ...



Charles (Charley, Chuck) Gosse

I went to secondary school in New York with Josh. I haven't seen him in years and I don't live in New York anymore, but I remember his smile and how it made people feel good just to be around him. Josh has that same smile, some 30 years later. To any prospective employers of Josh who read this, by hiring Josh you will be getting much more than your money's worth-he's "one in a million," an absolutely fabulous person.


good luck!

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